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Complete stainless steel bolt kits to rebuild your BMW motorcycle!



Complete Stainless Steel Bolt Kits For Your BMW Motorcycle
We sell stainless steel bolt kits for restoration of your Air Head Boxer (1955 1985).  To get started, simply click on your BMW model in the left column of this page.  Thereafter, it takes only a few clicks more to complete a  transaction that will direct us to send you the best quality stainless steel bolt kits available.


We've Been Told We Have A Nice Package!


Even though everyone knows it's what's inside that counts, it's really more than just nuts and bolts. So we make it easy for you to find what's inside.



That's why we divide our bolt kits into individual packets based on each assembly. We take away any guesswork about particular nuts, bolts, washers, and other fasteners. 


Our competitors just give you a big bag of stuff. But to get the job done faster and easier we give you labeled bags that are organized and sorted. Then we put all those little bags together into a nice big bag. Check it out and see if you agree. We really do have a nice package.



Online Shopping Made (Secure and) Easy

  Customers worldwide can now order bolt kits online from The Bolt Guy without having to join an internet payment system or otherwise jump through hoops to get the job done.   We have recently joined forces with CCNow as the authorized online retailer of The Bolt Guy products.

From any product page throughout this site simply click on the button that reads, "Click here to order this bolt kit online."  That particular bolt kit will then be placed in a shopping cart.  You can then either checkout immediately or continue shopping.

Shipping is FREE for all orders shipped to addresses within the United States.  Unfortunately, because international shipping costs are excessive by comparison, we must add shipping and handling fees for shipments to addresses outside the USA.  When ordering kits online the international shipping costs will be automatically added to the sale (based on the "ship to" address).  For international orders placed offline, please inquire about current fees and then include the appropriate shipping and handling fees with your payment.

Once you've completed shopping, you provide CCNow with information for credit card authorization.  Please note that CCNow offers the most stringent security precautions in the industry for your privacy and protection.  Then we'll do the rest.  We promise to  process your order immediately and your bolt kit(s) will be shipped to you right away.

You can view your shopping cart as it is in process or you can complete a transaction checkout at any time by clicking on the link below, which is located (for your convenience) not only here but on each of the product pages throughout this website:

View CCNow Shopping Cart / Checkout

What's Inside?

Bolt kit details are available for a full range of BMW motorcycles (see model list in the left column).

      R60-2-TGJ-White-2.jpg (22445 bytes)  

Check out The Bolt Guy's BMWs.   "The Bolt Guy" has been a BMW man for a lot of years and over that course of time he's owned his fair share of air head boxers.  Click on the pictures above to get a sampling of the bikes currently in Tom's garage

Our customers tell us the way we package our bolt kit takes some of the sting out of a restoration project.  We package all the fasteners for each assembly in individual packages so that you don't have to sort through hundreds of nuts and bolts to find what you need.  We agree with our customers, "packaging counts."


1971 BMW R75/5

Why Buy from 
The Bolt Guy?
The Bolt Guy offers the best quality product out there, and, at a price that's hard to beat.
We put together specific kits for specific BMW models.  You don't have to worry whether hardware will be missing, like you might find if you order from our "one-size-fits-all" competition.  
When you order from The Bolt Guy, you can be sure the kit we'll deliver is the one for your bike.  (No generic packages.  No instructions that tell you this kit "fits bikes x, y and z.")  We'll send you the right hardware for your particular BMW model.  Period.

About Us


1959_BMW_R-60TGJ01.jpg (28228 bytes)

1959 BMW R60

R60-2-Bike-Show-1.jpg (55385 bytes)

1965 BMW R60/2

1976_R90_6_004.jpg (28690 bytes)

1976 BMW R90/6


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Complete stainless steel bolt kits to rebuild your BMW motorcycle!

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